Product Recall - Starbucks Logo Fault

On behalf of the Starbucks Coffee Corporation we would like to invite you in returning faulty logos to the ubiquitous coffee chain. Below are various ways in which people have had fun with the faulty logo.

Careful, the (beve)rage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot.

Starbucks Windows

We received these pictures of a Starbucks just before it opened in North London.


Re-Call - Cup Fault - Chicago - 19-23/04/04

Over 15 starbucks inside Chicago's 'loop' downtown area. over 50 'fuck off' cups, covered by a non-defaced cup, were added to the stacks of cups on the counters of starbucks. Which is very easy to undertake, and the thought of someone getting a fuck off cappuccino is very pleasurable.

take away, or stay in

Starbucks Welcome Dubya - Bush - Fuck Off - 19-20/11/03

Just in case he didn't know, during 'the visit' we covered the area around buckingham palace and trafalgar square with bush fuck off cups.

Bush; fuck off.  Socialist Workers Party; go away.

It's also good fun to stand in front of a police man holding a cup, as close as you like.

Re-Call Cup Fault, City of London - 14/11/03

watch hi res

watch lo res


picture by

10 people visited 20 Starbucks in the City of London. We returned, installed and performed with over 300 'fuck off' cups.

Cups were left around the interior of Starfucks, cups were placed back on the stacks of cups on the counter and we also had fun standing in a line with the cups at the front doors.

Keeping the message simple. Performers outside Starbucks.

picture by

In our last Starbucks, next to the Lloyd's building in the heart of the financial district, we toasted Starbucks for hosting our events. Thank you, merry Christmas, now fuck off..

other stuff by us



Legal Battle with Starbucks

Save Our Starbucks

On the 4th of October 2004, we were informed that Starbucks wasn't very happy about this website being held under the domain name


The 24th of August, 05, was the final day for - starbucks have finally woke up and smelt the coffee, and remembered to tell whoever to pull the plug.this is also means the e-mail is also now dead. use the new one - here or click here to read more.


Send us your pictures, of subverted logos. e-mail us here

Get a Job

To date we have received over 6 CV's from people who have thought we were the real Starbucks Corporation. Just so it's clear - don't e-mail us for a job at starbucks.

Why? or What's wrong with Starbucks?

Take McDonalds and make it into a coffee house, bingo, you've got Starbucks! Don't take our word for it. Use any search engine to find out about

starbucks coffee pickersstarbucks coffee growersstarbucks clusteringstarbucks boycott


US Starbucks Worker Organise.

Global Exchange on Starbucks

Coverco Study of Guatemala Coffee Workers

The Ecologist - good in depth article

Starbucks and Mono-culture


Afraid we don't have any left.. Here is one spotted!

Want a Faulty Cup?

Want your very own Fuck Off cup? Make one then. All you need is a Starbucks Paper Cup and a green marker. Simply colour in. Then it's ripe for using.

Why should I bother?

Just imagine, one day every street will have a Starbucks, and every street will be the same, how exciting...

Message to Starbucks

We know you like to visit us now and again, We want to let you know. We like our neighbourhood's to be unique. Our coffee to be tasty, our environment to be stable and other humans to be treated like that. We've made it clear, we mean you no ill.Just fuck off, please.

Other people who aren't so keen

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