Latest - The 24th of August, 05, is the last day you'll be able to find us at the web address - starbucks have finally woke up and smelt the coffee, and remembered to tell whoever to pull the plug.
But don't worry you can still find us at ;-)

Starbucks Corporation to shutdown this website!

After a long and somewhat uninteresting legal battle with the Starbucks Corporation over the domain name '' the domain will be transferred to starbucks around 14/01/05. You will still be able to find us at But considering the legal fees they have had to pay to pull it, it was worth every penny of the £1.99 it cost us!

"He, or persons acting on his behalf or carrying out his instructions, may find the whole affair amusing, but to plunder the Complainants’ rights in the manner in which he does is clearly unacceptable behaviour."

But sweatshops are fine, as is mono-culture and shit coffee.

click here for the full legal decision.

On Monday the 4th of October, the vacuum cleaner received a nominet domain dispute resolution procedure, meaning that the starbucks corporation are trying to take the domain name off us.

They say that the site is abusive, bad for business, etc - click here for the 10 reasons

We say - Fuck Off! We have a right to express our distress at what this multi-national corporations is doing to our local neighbourhood, our diverse cultures and the coffee producers of the world.

We don't care how big you are, how much money you have, or how good your lawyers are. You know why?

Because you can just go...

E-mail starbucks directly, tell them - click here

or better still e-mail their legal team directly - mark_daniels@(lotsofspam)


- 18/12/04

The situation is now being dealt with by a legal independent expert. Which cost starbucks another £900. Once the 'expert' has made a decision then the domain name will be transferred or not!

- 14/11/04

We are currently in the, dispute resolution service, if this is unsuccessful, the case will be refereed to an 'expert' (corporate lawyer).

- 22/10/04

We have responded to the complaint the best way we know how... At this point we get the feeling that this site has about 5 weeks left.